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Recently I’ve had the experience of being subjected to what I’m terming jargonstorming. Jargonstorming is like brain-storming, except the brain has been replaced by jargon. The jargonstormer (i.e., the speaker or writer leveling the jargonstorm at listeners or readers) frequently is unaware that they are not actually saying anything due to a lack of understanding of the underlying meanings of the jargon they employ as they fail to make any point; cynically, the jargonstormer is sometimes aware of this, and is leveraging the jargonstorm strategically to preempt meaningful contributions from others, by overwhelming those unfamiliar with the jargon and alternatively disgusting those who “see” through the jargonstorm to the point that the jargonstormer is not called  to task for their transgression.

I wish everyone the best in their attempts to avoid jargonstorms.